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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Student Teaching- New Beginings

Oh, what a way to start the new year. My dad got me a new car (2007 Toyota Coralla- aka Lil Greenie) and on January 4, I started student teaching =) It has been quite the experience doing so. My CT (cooperating teacher) has been such a super help in showing me the school and teaching me new things to do in the classroom. It, so far, has been amazing. I am in a kindergarden classroom, with all the tiny ones. For the longest time, I have wanted to teach the older kids, because they can do SO MUCH MORE! But, being with the tiny tots... I might have a change of heart. I love the small ones. They have so much that they seem to want to soak up in their minds.

So far, the students have all been adorable. I have gotten an "I love you Ms. Amos" and "Ms. Amos, your eyelashes are pretty". They come up with the strangest things as well. When teaching patterns by using fruit loops, one student created a pattern, then added a yellow fruit loop at the end. I looked at it, and told that student, "Hm, maybe you should think about that one more time..." The student smiled at me and said "The yellow one doesn't go there." I could only smile and say, "Yep, your right! Fix that please." The student grabbed the fruit loop and ate it. Sometimes its small things like that, that make you laugh. For afternoon snack, the students got a big date. One student just smelled it, another just looked. One brave student took a nibble, covered his mouth, and spit it back in the cup. The faces those kids made eating them... priceless. Kindergardners say and do... the darnest things. =)

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Dr. Ink said...

Pretty blog. I love the photo at the top. The little ones will get to you, won't they? They are so innocent and sweet at that age and are full of God's love before I think society corrupts them! Glad you have a good group!

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